What I Learned In 2019.

It's official! 2019 is almost over. And what a year it was. What a decade! I don't know about you but I had a lot of new experiences in 2019. From solo traveling to learning new lessons & finally incorporating some of the lessons I learned before, into my life. It was a year of … Continue reading What I Learned In 2019.

Mallorca: Magaluf – a crazy party city


Hey guys! I'm sure you have heard about Magaluf, or how British people are calling it - Shagaluf. I knew it was a party city but to be honest I thought it's not THAT crazy. And..I..was..WRONG! Hahah. It's complitely crazy but also not everything involves crazy partying. There's shows, amusement parks and beautiful scenery too. … Continue reading Mallorca: Magaluf – a crazy party city

Istanbul: a city shared by Europe and Asia

Blue Mosque

Hey guys! 🙂 Recently I've written about my trip to Kusadasi. Other part of my Turkey trip was Istanbul. Still to this day this is one of my favourite cities I have ever visited! The sea, the architecture, people, markets, food, scents, sight...Istanbul really has it all! Before going further into my post I will … Continue reading Istanbul: a city shared by Europe and Asia