Challenge builds your strength!

Well, well, well..I have  finally started my travel blog! I wanted to do it for awhile now and seems like New Year, New me bulls**t came true for me haha. If it wasn’t for a random facebook ad tho, that got my attention, I would probably wait a bit longer with this, BUT since it reminded me of what I wanted to do, I did it!

The beginning

I had few blogs since I was 13,14 but none of them survived longer than a year which still amazes me because that would be the time I would usually have the most views, likes, shares and all. I guess I just got cought up with school and started writing less and less and then lost the viewers, annnddd motivation. Since I’m currently in college, and I’m not a regular student, I have more free time for writing. I’ve always liked writing and I started very young actually, when I was about 8, with little poems and stories. I also looveee travelling and for the past 2 years or so, I’m always travelling somewhere, either for few months (because of my summer job as an entertainer) or just random weekend road trips. Because of that I have decided to combine two of the things I really enjoy doing: travelling and writing!

Why “My adventurous miles”?

I think the name of my blog is pretty self describing. Adventurous miles IS what my past trips were and what I want  my future trips to be – adventurous, fun, happy, random and challenging. Now, to be honest, I hate and love challenges at the same time. It’s kind of a bitter – sweet feeling you know? It’s bitter because you have to go out of your comfort zone, but it’s sweet because afterwards you feel alive! I trully believe challenges build your strength and that’s why after every challenging situation I go through I feel better. Doesn’t matter if it went good or bad, I still learn and progress from it. Now, why do I see this blog challenging for me, but for YOU also? Because I want to write good ass stories about my travels and make YOU want to travel and see the world, learn a different language, enjoy another culture and eat different foods. I want to make you, through reading my posts, feel like you are with me on my trips, like you’re actually there and when you free your mind and feel like you’re there, you will want to do the same thing, and that’s tra-ve-ling!


I have a lot of travel stories and tips and all for you guys because even though I’m 21, I have already visited more than 10 countries and learned a lot! Oh, I got cought up in writing that I didn’t even introduce myself so I will do it now. At the end. Great. Ah well, gotta be different if you wanna succeed right? Or..or wrong? ANYWAYYY, my name is Roberta and I’m from a small but beautiful country called Croatia. Like I said, I’m 21 and already got a lot to tell you about.
On this blog I will, very often, post about my travel experiences, places you MUST visit and travel tips. I will try to bring up the experiences as best as I can and I will challenge myself to progress and learn as fast as I can so we can all enjoy good ass stories!

Until next time here’s a random picture of me freeing the nipple on island Prvić in Croatia!

island prvic, croatia

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