A day in Dubrovnik, Croatia

This year I’ve decided that, just like last year, I wanted to go somewhere out of town to celebrate New Year’s Eve. I was thinking about where should I go and with who when all of a sudden I’ve got an offer to do an event in Montenegro. Since I haven’t figured out where do I wanna go and since my friends were going to do the same event I’ve accepted it. Few weeks later I was packing and discussing with my friends how we can’t wait to stop for few hours in Dubrovnik on our way to Montenegro.

The bus ride

It was a loooong drive from Zagreb and booyy let me tell you something! I wouldn’t recommend it to anyyyonneee. If you want to visit Dubrovnik (from Zagreb or anywhere else) definetly go with a car or a plane, not a bus! All four of us met at the main bus station and started our trip. The bus left Zagreb at 22:30 and arrived in Dubrovnik at 8:00 the next day. Let me say (well type), we all knew what we were getting ourselves into but we thought it would be fun and adventurous but instead all we got was lack of sleep and baggy eyes, BUT soon enough we definetly knew a long drive was worth it.

I was sitting with my friend who fell asleep really early because he was working that day (Marin, you weak bro!) so I got bored pretty soon. Two of my other friends were sitting next to me tho, so we started talking and the whole bus was probably mad at us because we were a bit loud and it was already really late. When we got sleepy around 2 in the morning that’s when it was terrible. I couldn’t find a comfortable spot and I couldn’t sleep! I got so tired and angry because I couldn’t fall asleep. Thank God around 4AM some people left the bus and we could each sit on the two chairs and that’s when I could finally catch some sleep. We got up before sunrise tho because the bumpy road and a bus are not the most comfortable ways to make you sleep longer than an hour or two. I got really excited when we saw the sea and I couldn’t keep my eyes away from the window. The sea, islands, sunrise and music…it was beautiful and I felt like I was in a music video haha!


I was only passing through Dubrovnik once 3 years ago so I was really excited that this time I had 7 long hours to explore it and enjoyed it before hitting the road again to continue to our main destination (I will write about it soon). When we got there we dropped our suitcases at the bus station because they provide to take care of your luggage. We decided we will go on a coffee first before going to Old town and seeing all the beauties we heard about. It was really cold and we didn’t expected that because we heard it was going to be pretty warm, but on the other hand it was only 8 in the morning. Later it got warmer. From the bus station to the Old town we decided to go by foot because we wanted to see everything and take picures of it all. We were stopping every two minutes because we would see something interesting. From beautiful boats to very old houses and apartments that we decided to sneak in! The gate to one of those old buildings was open so we decided to go in and take pictures!


It was a long walk but we did stop to go shopping, eat and take pictures ofcourse. You can’t get lost here because you’re basically just going straight all the time from the bus station to the town. You can ask local people to tell you the quickest way to get to the Old town as did we and they will help you!

First most beautiful thing I saw in Dubrovnik is the view you see if you go by foot to the Old town. I mean you can see it even if you take a bus but you won’t experience it like I did! You see nothing but the sea and cliffs. It is sooo beautiful that we just sat there and looked at it for awhile before continuing our walking. After that you can see a lot of old houses and hotels.

dubrovnik view

Old town

Right before entering the town you have bus station there. You also have another beautiful vdubrovnikiew at the city walls. They are really famous because they’re surrouding the old town and you can walk on them. They’re are a huge touristic attraction during summer. You pay the ticket and you enjoy the beautiful view they offer. We didn’t go there but we stopped before the entrance into the town and just enjoyed the view. Where we enjoyed our view is where the Game of Thrones series were filming so I was really excited because I love that show. In whole Dubrovnik (and Split) there are a lot of places where they were shooting the show! When you enter the Old town and walk on Stradun (the main city street) you can see a lot of cafe’s and clubs. Durin summer Stradun is packed with people, but since it was december it didn’t have a lot of people, but what it did have were Christmas decorations which were really cute! The kids we’re taking pictures in Santa’s sleigh but we had to aswell! We got some wierd looks because we asked the kids to move for few seconds (read I asked the kids to move haha) but hey, “this opportunity comes one in a lifetime, yo” hahah. Anyway, we went on a drink there and just enjoyed ourselves, lost some hats (shoutout to Marin again), took more pics (me of my friends Josipa and Mateja..) and went with a bus back to the main bus station to continue our journey to Montenegro.

This is it for this post. I will leave you with few pictures and hopefully you will put this town on your bucket list. I definetly recommend it! Until next time.. :*





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