Montenegro: crazy road trip

Heyyy guuyss!
So my last post was about stopping in Dubrovnik for few hours on my way to Petrovac, Montenegro. This time I’ve decided that I will write about my time in that really small town, Petrovac. I went there for New Year’s for one week to do one event for a hotel so I haven’t really celebrated New Year’s, BUT I did get to see this beautiful little place and have a crazy trip.
If you have read my last post you know I went with my friends. We went with a bus from Zagreb that left at 22:30 and arrived in Dubrovnik at 8 in the morning the next day. After a few hours in beautiful Dubrovnik we had to continue our trip to Petrovac. We bought our tickets and started the rest of our (soon to be) crazy trip. Going there was not as crazy as coming back. The ride was ok even tho if you sit on the back of the bus, like we did, you can get a little bit sick beacuse the bus drivers are driving fast and the road is very…well..dangerous, let’s say. It has a lot of curves and when you look down it’s pretty scary because you’re basically on a cliff. So after awhile I avoided looking outside (yes I’m a coward) even tho it was a be-au-ti-ful view! The bus stopped at the wierd bus stop (no signs or anything) and we started walking towards our hotel. We had a lot of stuff to carry so it wasn’t really nice 15 minute walking, it was a little bit tiring (idk for others but for me it was haha).

Montenegro and it’s beautiful landscape

I visited Petrovac 3 years ago because it’s really close to Budva, famous town for crazy parties during summer, where I was working for 3 months in a hotel. During summer it has more things and more people, it’s much more alive. But during winter it’s empty and a little bit boring. Still, that doesn’t make it a bad place to visit because it has one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. Cliffs, the sea, sun and beach all looked amazing, even tho it was a bit cold. Every lunch break and free time that we had we went to explore the little city. There is not much you can see other than beautiful sea and landscape. The center has cafes, little souvenir stores and fast food places. It’s amazing that you can sit and drink coffee (or anything else if you don’t like coffee like I don’t) and just stare at the sea with no ending. We got lucky that it was sunny (but windy which kind of sucked) most of the days so we could really enjoy ourselves.





On the first night, after our work, we went to the center for a drink. Everything was closed except one cafe. We got in and got wierd looks from the waitress and few older people sitting there. I guess they were wierded out that four young people were coming to that place. At night. During winter. But anyways, we got a drink, talked, laughed and went out. We didn’t really party at all because there was nootthiingg happening, except in the hotel where we were working at where a few of Croatian and Serbian singers were singing. But we were working so we were not really there where the party was.

Petrovac: a town where they don’t know what “coffee to go” is

Yes. That’s true. I know, it’s wierd haha. After work, three of us decided to stay in the room and just hang out and relax. One of our friends, Mateja (‘sup girl), went for a walk and a coffee (she a coffee addict haha). After awhile she came back and started laughing. We noticed she’s carrying something in her hands but we didn’t figure it out what it was right away. Why? Well, because it was a dark mixture, like coffee, but in a plastic cup for beer. And that’s exactly what it was. We had many questions haha. She laughed and explained that she went to a coffee place and asked for three coffee’s to go. The waitress looked at her confused and asked: “Hmm, you mean here for outside terrace?” Mateja knew she didn’t understood her because of the way she looked at her first before asking that. Oh, and you guys have to know that we speak the same language. Well it’s not exactly the same, but you can compare it with English and American English. The accent is different and we have few different words. But we understand each other normally. Anyway, after that, my friend said that she didn’t mean it for here, and explained what she meant. But now, not only that the waitress was confused but the other people there started to pay attention to the convo and they all looked at Mateja haha. She said she started feeling embaressed and almost laughed when the waitress got her coffee’s in those plastic cups for beer! The waitress got all concerned how will Mateja carry that and offered help which was nice and cute but also funny how they all got so worried and confused for such a normal thing hahah. I died laughing! Here is the proof peeps:

coffee in a beer cup

The dramatic ride back home

This is where we couldn’t wait to come back to our beautiful Croatia!lunch bag
On our last day we got lunch bags for our trip because we didn’t have time to eat lunch. In those PAPER bags (you will soon see why that was a bad idea) we got a pear, a banana, a sandwich, bottle of water and juice. I got excited for that because I was already a bit hungry and I couldn’t wait to eat it in the bus. Soon my dreams were s
hattered to pieces. Hahah it sounds dramatic AND IT WAS DRAMATIC OK? Why? Well, the rain started pouring, and when I say pouring, I mean PO-URING. We already knew that we’re going to be all wet and I was already almost crying because I hate rain. We had to take one bus to Budva, then another one to Dubrovnik, and then yet another one back to Zagreb. The bus stop for the first one was close to the hotel but like I said it was raining. And this is where my troubles started, and theirs (my friends’) a bit later. So we took a deep breath and started walking towards the bus stop. I was basically running with two suitcases and left them a bit behind (award for a best friend goes to me, I know). We got to the post office where we could hide from the rain a bit but, soon after, we were on the rain again. While we were walking to the bus I got left behind because I had problems with carrying my lunch bag and suitcases and bag on my shoulders. Soon enough my lunch bag BROKE! IT BROKE! It got wet because of the rain and since it was paper bag it just broke and everything fell out. I literally screamed “help!” because FOOD! Everything was everywhere but not in my hands. I managed to get sandwich and juice but the rest I couldn’t. My friends left me behind, because KARMA, and by the time I got to the bus I was so wet and with (almost) no food that I wanted to cry haha. But this isn’t where our troubles stop. Oh noo, this was just the beginning. On our way to Budva, while we were driving, a car started honking. I didn’t think too much of it but it didn’t stop and it started to pass by us. At some point the bus driver stopped the bus and the car stopped aswell. In the middle of the road! I thought we were getting robbed, but it turned out a guy missed the bus and someone drove him and now he got it. In the middle.of.the.road…..

We finally got to Budva and noticed our bus for Dubrovnik is leaving in 3 f*#!ing hours! 3! Plus everyone except me didn’t have enough money for the ticket so they needed ATM. You would think “ohh no problem, ATM is on the bus station”..well yes, yes it is, BUT it didn’t work. It didn’t work because of holidays haha. We didn’t know if we would laugh or cry at this point. Anyway they had to go to the city to find an ATM or a bank that works because they needed more money. And ofcourse it was still raining. I stayed and drank hot chocolate and I had a cake because I needed sugar asap. After two hours they came back all wet and sad. But when they got warmed up a bit and drank coffee’s they were fine.

us at the bus stop

see they were ok

When we entered Dubrovnik we were soooo happy to be back in our country where ATM works non stop, where they know what “coffee to go” is and where buses leave when they have to leave (not 3 hours later)! The ride from Dubrovnik to Zagreb wasn’t so nice either tho. The bus was packed so we couldn’t sit alone and they were people stupid enough to turn on the light at 3 IN THE MORNING to read COMIC BOOKS. And after you told them to turn it off, they do and then get on the phone and continue reading it…smh..

But anyway this was my crazy road trip and I hope I will never ever have to take a bus for such a long rides. From now on only a car or a plane. I give this trip 5/10 beacuse it did had beautiful landscape but the journey was horrible. Until next timeee :*


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26 thoughts on “Montenegro: crazy road trip

  1. Jojo says:

    Hahahah at least your trip made for a great story! I think the coffee to go thing is interesting. You think it has to do with the culture? For them, coffee might be something for a sit and relax time then to rush and go – that would not work where I am from lol everyone needs their coffee quick!

    Lesson from your lesson.. Always bring extra cash and those foldable, reusable plastic bags for my food or I would cry too!


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