A day in paradise!

It’s fridayyyy fridayyyy gotta get down on FRIDAAAYYY!

Ok, sorry for my throwback on Rebecca Black song, I just had to do it haha. Not even sure if it goes that way, but anyywayyy, it’s friday and that means a new blog post! Woohoo 🙂

Since for the past few days it keeps raining here in Zagreb, Croatia I feel really nostalgic about summer. Well, to be honest, I always feel nostalgic about summer haha. But since there is no sun at all, the sky is grey and I wonder everyday how there is no floods because, damn. It’s poruing haha. Anyway to make this shorter, I will tell you about my favourite day last summer so you can escape this depressing weather aswell (if it’s raining at your place I mean haha)

the view from our boat ride

Wrong island?

One of my favourite days during last summer was the day spent in island Prvić (pronounced Prvich), Croatia. As few of you know (because of my previous post about it) I work every summer as an entertainer and every day off, last summer, I was going on road trips with my friend (and colleague) Ena. We decided we will go on random one day trips on our day off’s. It was the best desicion that we made the whole summer!

First of all, you have to know Ena and I wanted to visit island Zlarin. Not Prvić. But since we were very stupid and confused we ended up on Prvić hahah. Basically, we were working in Vodice and Zlarin and Prvić are very close to it. We went on a boat and knew we had to get off at the second stop. At least that’s what Ena said, because few years ago she visited Zlarin. We got off on the second stop and started walking around the little island. I immidietly loved it because it was quiet and beautiful!

Prvic, Croatia

First thing we saw was a Memorial centre of Faust Vrancic (a man popular for making the first dictionary for Croatian and Hungarian language and a book of many inventions he was making). We started wandering around the island and enjoying the architecture, the view and very small walking trails, still not knowing we are on the “wrong island”. There is no cars there, only boats! AMAZING! We asked some people where is the nearest beach and they said to just keep walking straight and we can’t get lost. That was true. The island is very small and you really can’t get lost! Soon enough we have found the beach but we wanted to go somewhere where there isn’t so many people. We started climbing and we got into the woods let’s say. After awhile we saw cliffs and people sunbathing and swimming. We found one place where there was no one and decided to climb down. Yes, we almost died a couple of times. Hahah but IT WAS WORTH IT!

prvic, croatia

prvic, croatia
shot by @ek_caulfield
prvic, croatia
walk to the beach

Sunbathing and swimming naked

Yup, yup, you read that right! Hahah, don’t get kinky now it wasn’t anything like that. After we got there and admired the view and took bunch of selfie’s because, why not?! We went into the water which was very clear! It was sooo hot that day and the water was amazing! We started talking about how no one is here and how we always wanted to swim naked or in topless but we were to scared or shy. So we decided to say YOLO and do it! It was the most amazing feeling ever! I felt so free and good and we just went on our separate ways. She was swimming a bit further than I did and we had our moments with ourselves and nature. UNTIL. A couple started swimming close to us and we got so embarressed hahah so we hurried up and put our bikini’s on. After they left we went outside and just sunbathed on this cliff. We decided to go topless and we were just laying there with our eyes closed and earbuds in our ears with the music playing. I listened to Willow Smith feat. SZA – 9 and relaxed. I will forever remember this moment because I trully felt connected with the nature. Nothing but the sea, stone and trees. Blue sky and the beautiful smell of the salt water. Wind going through my hair and the sun warming me up. Trully blessed moment if you ask me!

prvic, croatia
look at the paradise behind me 🙂
prvic, croatia
the view behind me is really stunning in person 🙂
prvic, croatia
enjoying myself 🙂

Prvić, beautiful quiet island of Croatia

After the whole day spent there, we decided to go grab something to eat. We walked back and found a little restaurant and ordered food. We were sitting close to the water where the little boats were placed and had amazing view. After we ate we went back to the little harbour and then noticed we were on “the wrong island” ! We were so happy we got to spend our day off here that we didn’t even look at all of the signs where it says we are, in fact, on Prvić! We decided we won’t tell anyone, but I guess I just broke that promise. SORRY ENA! Hahah.

prvic, croatia
our view while we ate 🙂
prvic, croatia
shot by @ek_caulfield

After that shock of seeing where we were, we had the most amazing experience ever. The sun started to set on one side of the sky and on the other the full moon started to rise! It’s the view I will never ever forget. We just stared at it for awhile and making sure we always remember it, and then we decided to take pictures of it. It just something you have to see in person!

prvic, croatia
our view of the full moon 🙂 shot by @ek_caulfield
prvic, croatia
sunset 🙂

After the sun went down, our boat came and we started driving back to the mainland. The ride was stunning as well because it was night, and the full moon was the only light we had during our ride. We came back exhausted from swimming, sunbathing and admiring perfect nature. I trully recommend visiting a hidden island wherever, doesn’t have to be this one, and just staring at the nature and connecting with it. You will feel amazing and that feeling will always follow you when you remember that moment.

I wanna say THANK YOU to my friend Ena for being my travel buddy and visiting bunch of places with me. Thank you for taking so many pictures and letting me use some of them for this post and probably future ones haha. Please follow her on Instagram HERE and show her some love by liking few pictures!

Until next time… :*


prvic, croatia

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25 thoughts on “A day in paradise!

  1. These are the best kinds of adventures! Randomly wandering and finding things along the way. Clear water and empty beaches is all I ask for =) no cars would definitely be a nice bonus!


  2. This is so awesome! What a quaint little town/island. We didn’t have enough time to check out any of the islands in Croatia but it’s on the top of our list when we return. I LOVE YOUR COUNTRY!!! ❤ (seriously though, it's my favourite :))


  3. This so looks like a day in paradise.. I wanna go!! I love your pictures..I have never been overseas from here in the US…so yearning to go..such a beautiful place!!

    Travel and Fashion


  4. I have always appreciated the saying: ‘The best things happen when you least expect it’ and this island turned out to be pretty unreal! The photos are awesome and I am a sucker for great sunset photos!


  5. Hello,
    I have never been to Prvic but it seems like a location worth visiting. And when I´m back home in Austria again I´m sure I will visit it for a weekend trip.
    Thanks for sharing your great experience with us.



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