Paris: 3 rainy days

Hey guys! 🙂 Since it's raining AGAIN in Croatia and it seems like it will never stop, it reminded me a lot about my time in Paris and 3 rainy days spend there 2 years ago. I went there with my ex (good thing this ain't awkward) with a car from Germany. I think the … Continue reading Paris: 3 rainy days

Mallorca: Magaluf – a crazy party city


Hey guys! I'm sure you have heard about Magaluf, or how British people are calling it - Shagaluf. I knew it was a party city but to be honest I thought it's not THAT crazy. And..I..was..WRONG! Hahah. It's complitely crazy but also not everything involves crazy partying. There's shows, amusement parks and beautiful scenery too. … Continue reading Mallorca: Magaluf – a crazy party city