Mallorca: Magaluf – a crazy party city

Hey guys!

I’m sure you have heard about Magaluf, or how British people are calling it – Shagaluf. I knew it was a party city but to be honest I thought it’s not THAT crazy. And..I..was..WRONG! Hahah. It’s complitely crazy but also not everything involves crazy partying. There’s shows, amusement parks and beautiful scenery too. It’s actually really nice place with cheap hotels and food.


Exploring Magaluf

I went on that trip 2 years ago at the end of May. It was warm but not warm enough to go swimming. One day was really warm and the rest it was raining a bit or it was cloudy. I’m not totally sad I went in May because it wasn’t crowded at all, but for next time I would rather go mid June or July. Even tho I couldn’t swim I did lay on the beach and just explore the city. I was in a hotel that was few meters away from the beach and across the streets were restaurants and shops. PERFECT SPOT!

There is not that much you can see there except clubs, bars, restaurants, shops and amazingly beautiful beaches. I was there with my ex, and we did watch a Pirate show which was awesome because they danced and perfomed all circus-like things haha. Plus we got a meal and a drink. The show is definetly something worth seeing, I wish I could show you pictures but it was not allowed to take any.


Other than that you must go to Katmandu Park! It’s an amusement park with all sorts of things from crazy game rooms, illusion rooms and 4D theaters. This place is really fun and I recommend it to everyone! Even if you are older you will have fun, it’s not for kids only, mostly people you will see there will be young adults.

Katmandu Park

Party time!

Magaluf offers great Spanish food and awesome sandy beaches. It’s not expensive to eat which was surprising. Almost every restaurant had these little paper mats (I guess) that you put your plate on it. BUT, It wasn’t just a normal one, it had either a map of Magaluf or whole Mallorca. And that’s not all! In one restaurant they had free coupon’s for one shot or drink in one of the famous bars there. Which was insane! We collected a lot of those and had either a free drink or a half price drink ooor a drink plus cup, t-shirt or something else. Pretty amazing if you ask me! I got back with one t-shirt, two tops, boxers and a dick cup. Hahah, don’t judge me, apperently dick shaped cups there are a thing and everyone has to come back home with it. It’s a tradition ok? Stop judging!


Anywayyy, let’s tell you more about partying. I don’t know how it is during season, but in May it wasn’t as crazy as they were saying it could be. But it was still crazy for me haha.
NOTE: If you can’t stand heavily drunk British people dancing and having a time of their life (which they won’t remember the next day) don’t come here. I had a great time there and I would go again because of the music, dancers, clubs and people but only for couple of days. It’s a whole new world.


BCM is the most popular club here and it’s actually sixth club in the world (at least it was 2 years ago haha). It’s pretty great I must admit. They have a whole BCM Square with bars and clubs and at the end of it it’s BCM. They have the most amazing paint party ever! What I liked is that they made a little fense around the part where the paint will be so if you don’t wanna get messy you simply go to the other side of the club. One day we went on a foam party aswell which was great! The foam got so high we almost got lost. People started playing games in it and it was really fun. I had the best clubbing experience there one day when there was a paint, foam and water party! The were shooting paint at one point, then foam and then water! People were going crazy and we were all so shocked and happy haha. Well maybe others because they were on some drugs but I was amazed by it even sober (ok, a bit drunk but still standing whoop!).


You can go clubbing on your own but I recommend you to do a bar crawl. Why? Because even tho you’re payin around 50 Euro’s for it it will be worth it. You go to around 6 clubs/bars and you have an extra drink if you buy one, they give out free shots, you get a t-shirt, play games and meet new people. We didn’t play the games, we just watched, but it was really fun to watch haha.


To be honest, it’s not for everyone. It’s enough to stay 3-5 days there because you can get fed up with drunk people and partying. For me thats fun for awhile but then I wanna explore and see architecture, old ruins, lay on the beach and all. It’s not for older people even tho I’ve seen some family’s with kids there but they didn’t go to the clubbing area ofcourse. You can visit it even if you are not planning on going to the clubbing side of it because it’s really pretty, but you will not have to stay that long. For me, I would rather go to Palma de Mallorca next time and if I wanna party hard I would visit Magaluf for a day or two 🙂

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Do you think you could visit Magaluf? Have you visited Mallorca? Where did you go? Tell me more about it in the comments because I would like to know!

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60 thoughts on “Mallorca: Magaluf – a crazy party city

  1. Gina says:

    This definitely sounds like an awesome spring break spot for the Brits. Ha. I once tried to teach my British friend how to say spring break like a proper American… That failed miserably. Hahaha.


  2. Lauren says:

    I’m not from the UK so I had to google where Magaluf is. When I was in Spain I was introduced to the British vacation culture of flying off to Spain. I’m sure I would do the same if I was that close to warm beaches and my country was always cloudy!


  3. Jessica says:

    Hmm, an interesting read – I’ve never been tempted by Magaluf at all, I don’t think that I could put up with the number of Brits giving us a bad name! It must have been a very different situation being there with your boyfriend though!


  4. Katie says:

    I’ve never actually heard of Magaluf, though I have heard of Mallorca, I’ve never been. It sounds like it wouldn’t quite be for me! Maybe 10 years ago when I was into partying for days on a beach, not anymore though! It sounds like going in the off season it would be possible to find some quiet though!


  5. Joanna says:

    I will be going to Mallorca in about a month but I chose to go to the North, to Port Pollenca. I am not a fan of clubbing so I am looking for the quieter part of the island. 🙂


  6. jeremy says:

    Sounds similar to Ibiza, I went there when I was like 20 and it was the same sort of madness! Any parts of Mallorca you’d recommend for people not into clubbing as much but not completely boring?


  7. Sheri says:

    I am not the partying type, at least not anymore, but a lot of people fly from Vienna where I live to Mallorca to enjoy partying, drinking, etc. I’ve never been tempted to go to Magaluf, however, I think maybe with a few girlfriends for a weekend getaway or bachelorette weekend it could be fun.


  8. Dunja says:

    To be honest, i’ve never heard of it but my Belgradian partying ass can’t wait to go there! Your photos are great, as always 🙂 Also, dick cup made me laugh haha. Have a great day x


  9. Style With Tina says:

    Love reading about your adventure! Love the places you visited and the pictures you took. I would totally visit the places!
    I am going to look at your previous article – “Smoothie Time”, as I am on a smoothie kick right now. 😉


  10. Diana says:

    Sounds like a fun place to be. I’ve never been to Spain but do desire to visit someday when my kids get older. I personally wouldn’t go for the party stuff because I’m not a party person haha but did you say ruins? Yup, I’ll go then! I love ancient/historical stuff.


  11. Ana De- Jesus says:

    Lol I am definitely not judging! My best friend went to Santorini with her friends and the girl who was to become her future girlfriend and it was the most magic love story. Anyway I digress she brought me back a huge wooden dick drink opener. I had to hide it, it was huge lol. I have never been to Shagaluf before but I don’t think I would go as I love to explore culture, I can party at home lol!


  12. Tori Gabriel says:

    Interesting review. It sounds brilliant for the youngsters that as only want to go clubbing and drinking (oh, those days) but not so good for families with young kids. Think I’ll avoid this as a holiday destination.


  13. Shawn says:

    me as a German, I have always felt like it might be too touristy and that it might be overrated, but you have just convinced me that I should visit it! Really changed my mind!


  14. Danielle Des says:

    I didn’t have this in my radar but I do enjoy a good party scene so this is somewhere that I would be very interested in traveling to. Thanks for sharing your recommendation on how many days you would suggest to spend – that’s so important!


  15. Shobha says:

    Ive been to Mallorca and it’s a beautiful island with great people and beaches. Maguluf is definitely not for me but it’s great for people who split want pure hedonism for a few days.


  16. Klaudia says:

    Thanks for this fantastic article , I am living on the Canary Islands , very touristy place aswell . Mallorca is such a beutiful island , well Magaluf would not be on top of my list , as you really have to be into party , booze and noise . Hahahaha , 20 years ago , absolutely yes ! But all together a great post ! Come over and have a look at my articles about the Canary Islands , I am sure you will love these !


  17. chris calvert says:

    Great blog post, it has given me a lot to think about and look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.


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