Paris: 3 rainy days

Hey guys! 🙂

Since it’s raining AGAIN in Croatia and it seems like it will never stop, it reminded me a lot about my time in Paris and 3 rainy days spend there 2 years ago. I went there with my ex (good thing this ain’t awkward) with a car from Germany. I think the trip wasn’t longer than 4 hours. We had a good weather in Germany but once we came to France it changed. In Paris, it was dark, rainy and cold.

road to Paris


I’m sure everyone is familiar with attractions in Paris, such as:

the Eiffel Tower

the Effiel tower


Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum

Notre Dame Cathedral and Dome des Invalides

Notre Dame

Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge

My (little) disappointment in Paris

I know that to many people this will sound shocking! But I’m not afraid to say that I got a little bit disappointed with Paris. Why? Well to be honest I’m not quite sure why. Is it because of the bad weather? Or maybe because of too big expectations? Or perhaps because I got scammed and lost 50 Euros?

You see I knew people were not very welcoming to strangers, I knew everything is expensive and I also knew there’s a lot of crowds. So I’ve prepared myself for that and I didn’t get disappointed when I was paying for food or waiting in lines.

One of the reasons was definitely the weather. Unfortunetly, I’m the type of person who hates rain. And when the sky is greay and it’s raining, plus I see the “most loveable city in the world” dirty on the streets it makes me sad haha. It seemed even more dirtier because of the colour of their buildings. Mostly it’s grey or brown-ish so it made it look even more depressing. If I didn’t have to run and hide often, and instead enjoy the attractions, I would feel better. I did have an umbrella but it broke because it was windy aswell! If it was sunny I probably wouldn’t notice every single bad thing I saw there and I would probably enjoy a bit more. That’s why I’m planning on going there again just to experience it a bit differently because you can’t really blame the weather for not enjoying the city that much, so what else could it be?


after this picture was taken I was probably complaining about the weather haha

I have to blame the high expectations aswell. Everyone’s saying you HAVE to visit Paris, Paris is beautiful, Paris is this and that, and don’t get me wrong, it is special. It has that special vibe. Their music is so nice and I loved hearing it in trains (even tho the gypsy’s were playing it but it was a special attraction I would say), walking around Eiffel Tower does make you feel like you’re in a movie and seeing Paris from the top of the Eiffel tower is the most memorable view ever. But I had expectations about whole Paris, not just the attractions (because they were really great). And that is where I got my disappointment the most probably. I thought every single corner of Paris is beautiful and every street is worth visiting and every single person will be so fashionable. EEHHH (the sound that the red button on the X Factor makes ok? Use your imagination, c’mon work with me here)! Guess again! That’s what the media portraits it to be. And that’s SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH. Trust me, not every street is worth visiting and corners of Paris are dirty and the people are certanly not fashionable. I’m not saying they don’t dress well! But I expected hundreds of Kendall Jenner’s and Gigi Hadid’s and ofcourse I didn’t see them. Probably around fashionable and famous street’s you see high fashionable people more, but all over Paris…NOPE.


And the last disappointment, which was not Paris’ fault (no, not Hilton, but Paris as in the city, ya know?) to be honest, but my own, is that I got scammed. I got scammed sooo good. I hate to admit but props to them. I never ever ever ever ever ever (enough?) stop and play games on street’s or buy anything that looks shady as hell. So why did I stop to watch some gambling entertaining sh*t close to the Eiffel tower? I. HAVE. NO. IDEA. (You read that with the stops right? Ehehehe.) All of a sudden I lost 50 Euros and almost had a breakdown because wHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED? But hey, I have a great story to tell I guess (I only told it to a couple of friends because I was too embaressed to tell more people, but hey, great idea to share it with everyone on the internet hahah. haha. ha..). There is more to that story and how everything happened but it was a moment of lower intelligence of mine that I’m too fricking embarassed to tell you more so, you know, sorry but AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!

thought it was so hilarious that it says bubble butt so this was the only appropriat epicture to take hahah

thought it was so hilarious that it says bubble butt so this was the only appropriate picture to take hahah


Overall, I can’t say I hated Paris because I didn’t. I didn’t love it either. Well, to be honest, I hated it and loved it in the same time I guess. I’m a complicated person ok? I would definitely recommend it to everyone because of that special vibe it has and the most memorable view from the Eiffel tower, french food and music. I would also recommend you to NOT stop at street to look at the games, to NOT buy anything from anyone approching you and to NOT go there if it’s raining. Hopefully you will learn from my mistakes and also lower your expectations so you can fully enjoy your time in the city of love! 🙂


look at this beautiful view!


Until next time… :*

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Have you ever visited Paris? If yes, what did you like the most, and if not, do you want to visit it? Tell me in the comments below!


32 thoughts on “Paris: 3 rainy days

  1. Paige says:

    It is interesting that everyone has told you that Paris is a must. Within my traveling friends Paris is a place you either love, or it falls short. So it has not been high on my to do list. I do like seeing larger cities, but my true love is the smaller towns where you can hike and see some of the local natural places : )


  2. Valerie Hansen says:

    I have heard the peeps in Paris are not too friendly…that’s a bummer, but sounds like overall you had a good trip. I have been pining to go there as I am a huge fan of fashion and travel both! IThanks for sharing, lovely pictures!!



  3. Ivy says:

    I feel EXACTLY the same way about Paris! It was so underwhelming for me too- the weather (I went in early April and it was gloomy), the people (also found them very unfriendly), the sights (not a museum person)… the only thing I liked was the food. Plus I got food poisoning there so… it’s a nah for me. I love where you currently are though, Croatia? Whereabouts?!


    • adventurousmiles says:

      I liked the food and the view from the Eiffel tower. That was pretty spectacular 🙂
      And damn, sounds like you really had a rouh time there haha I’m so sorry!
      Yes, I’m in Zagreb (the capital) 🙂 xx


      • Ivy says:

        Hi Roberta! You commented on my Split post re: people in Split vs Zagreb. I’m really curious! Care to elaborate? Why’s there such a drastic difference?


  4. Stephanie says:

    I actually stayed at the Paris Hilton when I was there!! Haha She was great. I had a nice time, but my biggest regret is the horrendous fashion choices I made while there…but I was in college. Haha. Maybe we both need to do it again. Thanks for a good read!


  5. Rebecca says:

    Went to Paris way back in the 80s in the middle of January with a group from college and it was the snowiest winter Europe had seen for years. LOL But we had a great time! The scenery and history are incredible. There are many places where the people are more friendly, but it’s probably somewhere every traveler should see once.


  6. Luda says:

    Hehe, I kept giggling throughout the post, especially the EHH sound (“the sound that the red button on the X Factor makes ok?”) – great post and story 🙂


  7. DrifterHannah says:

    I always manage my expectations so that I’m not disappointed. Paris is a HUGE city with many inner-city and suburban areas that have significant socio-economic problems, just as London and NYC do. I find Paris quite magical, and that’s including the raw and gritty areas – I still see these as Parisian, not glamorous, but distinctly Parisian. I hope you can return to Paris and enjoy it more! I recommend walking around with a local.


  8. Elly says:

    What a beutiiii it issss!!! I have been there last year.. it was such a love experience for me but I missed the rainy season… but it was amazinngggg!!
    Thanks for sharing it and making me live that moment again!!


  9. Joanna says:

    I am hunting for tickets to Paris for the past 2 weeks, for the May bank holiday and I am also worrying about the weather, as it can be very changing at the begging of May. So far they bus company forgot to add the tickets and being bank holiday, lots of people are waiting for them.
    I am sorry to hear that you got scammed and I have to say, if they were doing the “find the ball under a cup” game, they were my co-nationals. And I’m sorry for that, they embarrass our country, they do the same in London, on Westminster bridge I’m afraid.


  10. Karina says:

    In spite of the grey skies you took some gorgeous pictures of the city. I can relate to hating rainy days when Im on vacation. I tend to have a bit of bad luck in that department, whenever I go on a trip, be it day, a weekend, or a longer, it almost always rains at least half the time I am there if not more. As a photographer I stress about my camera and don’t like shooting too much in the rain, but since it’s happened to me so many times, I have bought protective gear and never leave the house without a sturdy automatic open and close umbrella. I have also learned to embrace the cloudiness in my photography and have found that it makes for some fantastic photos that can be even more interesting than the same scene on a sunny day. The cloudy sky adds a certain level of drama to the photos, like your pic of Norte Dame there, which looks mysterious and ominous, definitely different from the usual shots of it that circulate the internet.


  11. Gecca says:

    I love Paris! I’ve never been there and it is on the top of my bucket list! I also have high expectations on Paris like if I go there, I want to feel like a “dream come true” and not like stare at the tower and think “this is it?”. You know what I mean? Well, anyway, it’s good that you decide to come back again and hopefully, it will be a very sunny weather. 🙂


  12. provokeasmileblog says:

    Beautiful pictures! Ive never been to Paris but I felt the same way about Rome. To me, it felt like NY with a lot of history. There were certainly BEAUTIFUL areas of Rome and I loved those they created modern life surrounding these really historic buildings, like our tour guide said “Do you see that apartment building…Caesar got killed there.” That is really fascinating to me. But the city itself….eh! Other parts of Italy however, were absolutely breathtaking, so I think it is all about what you are looking for when you travel and your expectations.


  13. Dunja says:

    I heard something similar from almost everyone who visited New York – they had really high expectations and when they went there they said it wasn’t that amazing and special as they thought it would be. Anyway, i loved Paris, and i founded every corner of it beautiful, but i guess it’s a personal preference and the weather was better, so maybe that’s why 🙂 Have a great day xo


  14. Monroe Bishop says:

    As a kid Paris was my dream destination. As an adult not so much since I’ve heard so many horror stories … But you can not deny the beauty


  15. John says:

    An awesome post about Paris. Information is vital and relevant for travelers…

    I like it and now planning for my visit considering all points in mind shared here…..

    Keep Sharing such vital information…


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