Strasbourg: beautiful little city in eastern France


Hey guys!

I can’t believe it’s been more than a month since my last post! I feel so terribly sorry and disappointed at myself but I got really busy with work and college. Now, I’m back again and I will post every week (prob wednesday like before). Since my last post got mixed comments (some people agreed with me and some didn’t) about Paris, I’ve decided to write about another little town in France that I’ve visited and FELL IN LOVE WITH (watch me get mixed comments again ayy)!

Beautiful place with old architecture

If you like seeing old gothic churches and old architecture, this is a place for you to visit! I came here while I was coming back from Europa Park in Germany and I believe few of us just decided to go there because it was kinda close. When we came there it was sunny and driving through the streets was amazing. Everywhere I looked I could see beautiful things; old houses, churches, river and people driving their bikes. It was peaceful, totally opposite of Paris, and I fell in love with it immidietly!

When we parked we started walking towards the centre of town and just observed. When you come to the centre you can’t miss the biggest cathedral I’ve ever seen haha. The details, the height, the beauty, it’s incredible! You can’t even get it in one picture and the details are so amazing that you can just stare at it forever. After we did excatly that we went to little shops around it to buy some souvenirs and walk around it.

just a small glimpse of the back part of the cathedral

Food, Wine and Crepes ayy

We found a nice little restaurant near it and went there to eat. It was kinda pricey but we expected it because it’s in the centre and across the cathedral, but it wasn’t as pricey as in Paris next to the Eiffel Tower, for example. I can’t remember what I ate, I think it was pizza because I was craving it (or I’m craving it now ehehe). But, what I do remember is I had rosé wine. And It’s the best rosé  wine I ever had till this day haha. It was soooo tasty! And the food I know it was amazing because we commented how good it was! The waiter was great and people in general were much nicer here than in Paris! After that, the weather changed and it started raining but we still enjoyed it here because after lunch we had crepes and! The people there were amazing as well and those crepes were gone in a minute hahah.

Walking around town

Walking around town was great. Strasbourg has many streets and they have stores and little cute shops where you can find anything. Crossing the bridges is amazing because the scenery is beautiful. Sometimes you feel like you’re in a fairytale or another century because of the old buildings! Few of the houses reminded me of Amsterdam and some of old German houses (it’s really close to Germany so I guess that’s why they have many similarities). Strasbourg really has this special old vibe I would say and it’s so interresting. Definitely a city I would recommend for few days so you can rest and enjoy yourself!
Prepare yourself for pictures in 3…2…1…

like you’re in a fairytale, right? 🙂


like you’re in a different century 🙂
some cool stuff in a store


Unfortunetly, I can’t write a lot about Strasbourg nor do I have a lot of pictures because I was here only for a day and I was just in the moment so I didn’t even remember to take pics, you know? Plus my phone died because I had no battery left but that’s not the reason. My usual fun, wierd and crazy adventure things didn’t happen but I got so much out of this little city. I can’t wait to go back for more days and just rest and explore more of it. No partying, no crazy stuff, just to come and ride a bike, eat crepes and drink rosé wine! 🙂
I advise everyone to go and visit this city and enjoy it’s beauty!

Until next time… :*

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make sure you take a walk or ride a bike there!


Have you ever visited Strasbourg? What are your thoughts about it? And if you were never here, would you like to go? Do you like rose wine eheh? Tell me in the comments below! 

26 thoughts on “Strasbourg: beautiful little city in eastern France

  1. I went There with school but I hardly remember It, we went to visit the European Parliament and that’s what I kept memories of, the city is beautiful but as we were going by coach and visited so many nice places that I can’t remember this city that well.
    Great post!


  2. Nice! I haven’t been to Strasbourg although I’m French… What a shame! It will for sure go on my list if I one day go back to France! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  3. Not somewhere I’ve visited yet, but one day…
    I’ve had awesome crepes in France so if these are even better than the Paris ones, well…I know what I’ll be seeking out!


  4. I want to go to Strasbourg so bad! I’m going to Paris this May but after seeing this post I’ll have to make a return to France to check out this fairytale city!



  5. If I had a list of countries to visit in Europe (which I don’t), France would be in the bottom three. I have no idea why, because the only time I’ve been to France was in Disneyland and, well, that doesn’t count. Maybe it’s because I think of Paris as such an overrated city… I guess I should start with Strasbourg first 🙂


    1. It’s overrated I agree. I wrote about it in my previous post. You should deginitely start with Strasbourg or some other cities but I recommend visiting Paris too. BUT without any expectations 🙂


  6. It does look like a fairytale! I was there briefly 20 years ago, and after seeing these pictures, I really want to go back. And I’m already a big fan of rose wines, so I would definitely take you up on your recommendation!


  7. I like your pictures! And you were also very lucky with the weather 🙂

    I haven’t been to Strasbourg yet, but I definitely want to go one day! I like the vibes of your post about that city 🙂


  8. I haven’t been to Strasbourg yet! I have spent a lot of time in germany though, and have many friends there. I’ll be back one day…and yes, I love Rosé. So happy it is rosé season again!


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