About me

Hi guys!


My name is Roberta and I’m from a small but beautiful country called Croatia. I’m 21 and I absolutely looovee traveling! Every chance I get I take it and enjoy random weekend road trips or fully planned week vacations in different countries. I love meeting new people, learn another language, try different foods and experience different cultures. One other thing I also like is writing. Since for the past 2 years or so I’m traveling very often I decided to combine two of my favourite things, traveling and writing, and make a blog!

Work with me

I have a lot of travel stories and tips for you guys that I want to share! Even though I’m 21, I have already visited more than 10 countries and had awesome experiences happening during my traveling that made me want to share! I am also a freelance travel writer because I wanted to share my stories with the bigger audience and make other people feel inspired by them enough to start traveling on their own.
(For any business inquiries message me here: freyroberta@gmail.com)

On this blog I will, very often, post about my travel experiences, places you must visit and travel tips. I will try to bring up the experiences as best as I can and I will challenge myself to write good stories about my travels and make YOU want to travel and see the world, learn a different language, enjoy another culture and eat different foods. I want to make you, through reading my posts, feel like you are with me on my trips, like you’re actually there and when you free your mind and feel like you’re there, you will want to do the same thing as me, and that’s tra-ve-ling! 🙂

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prvic island in croatia